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On The Carriage To Top Of The Hill 4D Art Led Light Wooden Frame Night Light Decoration

On The Carriage To Top Of The Hill 4D Art Led Light Wooden Frame Night Light Decoration

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Size: 15cm x 22cm

Material: High-quality wood, durable and elegant, adding a warm and luxurious touch to any interior space.

Special Features: Three Adjustable Light Modes: This product is equipped with versatile lighting technology, allowing users to choose from three different light modes:

  • Warm Light: Creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for bedrooms or living areas.
  • White Light: Provides natural lighting, perfect for reading or working.
  • Neutral Light: A balance between warm and white light, suitable for any space in the home.

Power Source: Utilizes a convenient 12V power supply, making it safe and efficient for household use.

Cord Length: Comes with a long cable, providing flexibility in placement and ensuring it can easily reach power outlets. Remote Control: Includes a handy remote control, making it extremely convenient to adjust the light settings from a distance. The remote is user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and quick adjustments to the lighting modes.

Smart Design: The frame can be placed horizontally or vertically, easily accommodating all types of images. Can also be used as a small desk lamp, adding convenience and versatility.

Applications: An excellent gift for friends and family on special occasions. Ideal for displaying memorable photos, art prints, or as a decorative light in the home.

With its adjustable lighting, convenient 12V power supply, long cord, and user-friendly remote control, this A5 wooden photo frame is not just a sophisticated decoration item but also offers high usability, enhancing every precious moment captured.

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